Five star review from Cecelia:

Sarah was so warm and open when I finally met her for my Microblading.

She's who I expected to be... I was so comfortable and felt I knew her already.

Very thorough to all the procedures of my Microblading.

It was a long procedure but soooo worthy!!!

Thanks so much Sarah… got up this morning and had so much time left now to relax before I head to work.

Can't wait to see you for my touch up...

Bless you

Five star review from Ruth:

I had a great experience with Sarah and I'm VERY happy with how my brows look! I've been penciling in my brows for years to give them more fullness, but now, they're not only full and natural, they're symmetrical and the right shape. A few weeks after they were done, someone told me they were "obsessed" with my brows because they were so perfect. That's all Sarah! 

Sarah is really good at putting you at ease before and during the process and she checks in with you throughout to make sure you're comfortable. She has thought of all the details to make her clients feel pampered. She also keeps everything clean and sterile which matters in this business!

I highly recommend Sarah if you need help with your brows. She has a passion for helping people achieve their best look!

Five star review from Elli M.:

I have had my eyebrows tattooed multiple times, each time by a different person, I have NEVER been happy with the outcome. 

I met Sarah during a family photo-shoot and found out that she does Microblading. I was immediately excited and wanted to give it a try. 

I'm not sure, how to put into words the experience I have had with her.  Sarah made my dreams come true!!!! 

Sarah has has all the important qualities... artistic talent, technique, passion, and experience. It's easy to find someone with one or two qualities but they would lack in the other areas. You are involved in the entire process, from beginning to end. She makes sure to measure you in varies different ways, doesn't rush, double checks with you constantly and follows up with you the very next day and the week after to make sure you are taking good care of your new brows and are happy with the outcome. 

I had to write this review because she deserves to get all my compliments. I am so happy with my brows. She's amazing beyond words. 

I have referred almost every person in my life that needs new perfect brows ;) and I will continue to do so! Thank you Sarah for your amazing work!!!!!!!!

Five star review from Sarah F.:


I met Sarah through one of my close friends whose eyebrows looked flawless. She told me that Sarah was life changing. I decided to give her a try. Honestly it was the best decision I ever made. I was always so skeptical with getting my eyebrows done. I was scared that it wouldn't look natural. Sarah's work is truly exceptional. She is extremely patient, her technique is flawless, she is SUPER CLEAN!!! And she takes her time to make sure you are truly satisfied. 

My first session I was a little nervous, I swear Sarah  made sure I was ok every step of the way. She listens to every detail and checks to make sure you are doing well. Her spot is so inviting, cozy and clean. 

I have gotten so many compliments and I've recommended everyone I know!

Sarah truly gave me the eyebrows I never thought I'd have!

Five star review from Shabnam M.:

If I could give Sarah 10 stars, I would!  I was referred to a Sarah Shin of Brow Artistry by a very good friend of mine.  I had been contemplating microblading for some time but could not get myself to trust anyone.  Sarah put my mind at ease and answered all my questions before I made the appointment.  When I showed up for the appointment, I knew I had absolutely chosen the right person.  Her space is so inviting and immaculately clean!  I felt like I was in a safe haven for the time I was there, relaxed and carefree.  She educated me on the process, the healing and what to expect.  She was so compassionate and checked in every few minutes to make sure I was comfortable.  I left with the perfect eyebrows!  After  having kids, my eyebrows were never as full as they used to be and I needed to fill them in.  I finally have the brows I dreamt about for years.  I would recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to have perfect brows.  She truly is a class act and extremely good and knowledgeable at her craft.  Sarah is a true artist!