About Microblading

Eyebrow microblading, also referred to as: ‘embroidery,’ ‘micro-pigmentation,’ ‘3D microblading,’ ‘microstroking,’ ‘hairstroke,' or ‘permanent make up (PMU),’ is a semi-permanent method art form in which licensed artists hand-create eyebrow hairs that mimic your natural eyebrow hairs.  

How Does it Work?

Your artist will choose specific tools, pigments, and specialized, unique techniques that compliment your specific structure and skin type.  The pigment is manually applied just below the epidermis and the most shallow part of the dermis, using extremely fine, comb-like needles.  The results are natural, youthful eyebrows, as the hairs are artistically drawn into the skin according to your unique and natural hair growth pattern.  A complementary touch up is included 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment.  Are you a candidate for microblading?  Read through the FAQs to decide!

How do you pick the right artist?  

Browse through this handy check-list when making this important decision.


  • The brow artist spoke well, communicated well, and treated me like a close friend and valued client


  • The brow artist uses disposable tools, and disposable linens

  • The facility is clean, sterilized, and professional

  • The brow artist always wears gloves and changes them if they touch anything non-sterile


  • The brow artist conducts business out of an approved facility

  • The facility is zoned and has passed inspection for commercial use

Knowledge of the industry, the art form

  • The brow artist demonstrates a deep knowledge of the industry, the trends, philosophies, and different methodologies

Client Education

  • The brow artist was able to explain to me where they purchase their pigments (what country) and why they chose the pigments

  • The brow artist gave me a detailed explanation about what ingredients are in their pigments

  • The brow artist informed me about what blade company they use and how much each blade costs

  • The brow artist explained the differences in blades, materials, pricing

  • The brow artist explained why they do or don’t use top of the line blades


  • The brow artist carefully educations about aftercare

  • The brow artist makes themselves available to you for follow up questions

  • The brow artist sends you home with printed, easy to read instructions

Organic and regulated

  • The brow artist uses organic cotton rounds (from Italy)

  • The brow artist uses organic cotton aftercare ingredients


  • The brow artist is insured


  • The brow artist has more than one certification and has knowledge and mastery over numerous different techniques

  • The brow artist educated me about different hair patterns and methodologies

Did I feel heard?

  • The brow artist listened me to and incorporated in my opinions and ensured my concerns were heard

Comfort Measures

  • The brow artist uses numbing more than once in the procedure

  • The brow artist uses disposable sun shields for my eyes during the procedure

  • The brow artist provides a luxurious, heated, comfortable bed

  • The brow artist communicated with me throughout the appointment


  • The brow artist uses more than two different measuring techniques and triple checks the measurements

  • The brow artist will show me the measurements and get my ok before starting the blading process

Healing Touch

  • The brow artist has a gentle, thoughtful touch

  • The brow artist spent minimum 2.5-3 hours with me and never made me feel rushed

  • The brow artist always checked in with me during the procedure and made me feel cared for

Color and pigment

  • The brow artist educates and discusses my coloring and undertones

  • The brow artist will educate me on color technique

  • The brow artist will do a color test on me

Comfort and Pampering

  • The brow artist uses a heated orthotic table with disposable, one-use linens

  • The brow artist changes linens after every client

  • The brow artists spends more than 3 hours with each client

Aftercare and Education

  • The brow artist will provides me with written after-care instructions

  • The brow artist provides me with education and what to expect during the healing process